Israel Social TV

Israel Social TV

Established in 2006, Israel Social TV (ISTV) is a non profit, independent, online news NGO working to:

  • Strengthen Israeli democracy through independent media that generates alternative perspectives, expression and information on current affairs.
  • Empower Israeli civil society by providing a platform that gives visibility and exposure to Israel's unheard voices and organizations ignored by the mainstream media.
  • Safeguard the human rights of groups at risk of violations, East and West of the Green Line, by serving as a watchdog.

Free and unbiased media is a staple to a functioning democracy. The key element of democratic exchange and respect for human rights is independent journalism and free media. Israel's democracy is threatened by media that is filtered through governmental and commercial agenda and interests. The Israeli media workforce is not representative of Israel's diverse society thus severely under-represents minority groups, especially Arabs, leaving reality portrayal in the hand of an elite minority. It is therefore necessary to be critical of and provide an alternative to what the mainstream media presents.

A short video about the organization can be viewed in here:

Our Programs

ISTV regularly produces independent news reports, in-depth stories, magazine-feature news shows, Media critiques and Calls for change. ISTV serves as a media hub for organizations to champion their efforts, exhibit their activities, amplify their messages, and inspiring others.

ISTV strengthens the unheard voices that works to promote peace and reconciliation in the region. The series "Arabs and Jews Refuse to be Enemies" portrays Arabs and Jews, individuals and organizations, as role models who work together for more equal and just society.

ISTV's contents are broadcasted twice a week on the Community Channel in Israel; are available online on ISTV's website, Facebook page and other new media tools; on a weekly radio program and via distribution lists that includes mainstream journalists and reporters. ISTV reaches 50-75,000 viewers each month.