Project Name: Promoting Studies In The Upper Galilee Among T...

Project Name: Promoting Studies In The Upper Galilee Among The Jewish And Druze Population, Tel Hai College

Tel Hai College began operating as an independent academic institution with accreditation from the Council for Higher Education in 1993. Graduate and Masters studies are now offered in eleven academic departments, along with a host of non-academic study programs. Since its inception, the college had also engaged in community academic activities that combine academic courses, research studies and activities within the community in many different areas.

In this context, in early 2008 the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation invested in a scholarship program to advance science studies and help integrate students, on behalf of Tel Hai College, in the nearby Upper Galilee communities. The joint program between the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation and Tel Hai College grants scholarships to encourage new students to choose scientific studies such as biotechnology or environmental sciences, and integrate them into activities that benefit the community, the environment and the study of science in Upper Galilee. The program includes students from different backgrounds in Israeli society: Druze, residents of underdeveloped communities, local kibbutzim and high school students who wish to study science in college. The students work in the communities, schools and the Sidney Warren Science Education Center for Youth at Tel-Hai College, tutoring high school students for enrollment exams and helping promote scientific thought. They help pave the way for high school students to pursue science studies in the future. This program creates a reserve of young students who will continue their academic studies in the departments of exact sciences and biology in disadvantaged areas.

The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation's program for the advancement of science studies strengthens Tel Hai College's academic position in these subjects and increases the number of participating students. The program contributes to community development by creating a link between the students and the community.


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Project Name: Promoting Studies In The Upper Galilee Among The Jewish And Druze Population, Tel Hai College