Neurim Centers- Developing Volunteering, Identity, and Young...

Neurim Centers- Developing Volunteering, Identity, and Young Leadership - Druze Communities in Northern Israel

"Maase" is a social organization established in 2004 in an effort to promote volunteerism and lead voluntary frameworks in Israel in a professional manner based on equality. Maase's voluntary programs are designated for young people aged 18-21 from various weakened backgrounds, who haven't had the opportunity to participate in voluntary or leadership circles, as well as youth aged 15-18 as a recruitment platform for voluntary activities.

Volunteer work is carried out in remote villages and includes volunteer work in education, development of social and individual skills, enhancement of leadership, identity, and cultural issues, improving education, and vision for the future. The process is performed under the individual and group mentorship of professional staff members.

The Neurim Center is a unique model of leadership and volunteerism in the Druze Community, first established in Maghar. Each branch initiates and operates education, cultural, and environmental activities arising from the specific needs of the community, with an emphasis on youth activity in an effort to develop young local leadership. The model proposes the activation of groups of youngsters based on age: an adult community (primarily students), groups of volunteers in Civil Service, and a young leadership group for teenagers. The leadership groups study topics of volunteerism and leadership, as well as development of identity along with volunteerism in formal and informal educational frameworks.

Building Neurim Centers in Druze communities will become an infrastructure for all teen and  young adult activity in the region, and a platform for various needs among teens and young adults, along with development of leadership and local volunteerism, working with at-risk youth, building a professional vision for the future, recreational activities, and educational enrichment – all based on the needs of the community and the municipality.
The Neurim Center has been active for five years as a pilot program in five villages. In light of its success, in April of 2012, the government made a strategic decision to expand its model of activity to all Druze communities in the Galilee, while expanding each center's activity. Within its partnership in the Neurim Center, the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation accompanies 50 young female Druze students from their year as volunteers at Neurim Centers and until the completion of their academic studies. The program encourages them to social-voluntary activity and accompanies them as they form their individual careers and select their profession, with an emphasis on their individual, professional, and occupational strengths. Throughout the year, these young students prepare for the beginning of their academic studies and for successful integration into the workforce.

Rothschild Caesarea Foundation
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Neurim Centers- Developing Volunteering, Identity, and Young Leadership - Druze Communities in Northern Israel