PresenTense Israel

PresenTense Israel

PresenTense’s vision is to expand Israel’s startup ecosystem by making entrepreneurship open to a broader population. Israel has become known as the “Start-up Nation;” however, only 15% of the population actually benefits from Israel’s technology revolution. In particular, Israel’s Arab and Bedouin community has had little recent financial improvement, with employment rates far below the rest of Israel’s population, as well as significant salary and socioeconomic gaps. Presen Tense catalyzes community-based entrepreneurship to grow local economies, enrich community life and solve critical issues facing Israeli society.

Arab hi-tech entrepreneurs are often not well connected with the rest of the start-up nation ecosystem, making it more challenging for them to launch successful start-ups. But, with the support of mentoring, venture development training, and connection to an influential network, they can tap into the potential of Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurship is a significant driver of economic growth, which benefits the small business owner and his or her employees, and is a mechanism to build a knowledge base, strong network, and more dynamic community. Presen Tense believes that the power of innovation should be ignited across Israel so that 100% of the population - including the Arab population - can enjoy its rewards. Presen Tense calls it building the “Ground-up Nation”.


Presen Tense does this in the following ways:

Venture Accelerators train entrepreneurs and develop leaders to build creative solutions that meet local and societal needs.

Innovation Workshops catalyze organizations to enable their staff and/or constituents to innovate from within.

Entrepreneurship Consulting advises organizations and government on how to nurture innovation and creativity through their programs, policies and ecosystems.

PresenTense partners with foundations and organizations, introducing them to a community of doers destined to lead all into the future. This way PresenTense becomes a natural incubator for research and development.

Presen Tense Program: Mubadren
Mubadren is a venture accelerator in Hura that promotes business and social entrepreneurship in the Negev's Bedouin community. The program is based on international accelerator models, and combines required attendance at weekly sem ...
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