Givat Haviva

Givat Haviva

The Givat Haviva Educational Institute, founded by the HaShomer HaTzair Movement, educates and acts to promote the values of Equality, Human Dignity and Shared Society.

Givat Haviva implements activities to develop the experience of equality between Jews and Arabs living in Israel, and provides tools to this end. This is the moral foundation for achieving peace with the Palestinians and the Arab states. Over the years Givat Haviva has worked to implement programs which promote an informed and active Arab minority in the State of Israel. This vision is translated into a rich variety of empowerment programs with Arab youth leaders, community workers and activists, and women's leadership groups, as well as a wide range of dialogue programs for all ages.

Givat Haviva fulfills the mission of the Movement in the field of Holocaust study and the heritage of the youth movements, and initiates research and educational activity based upon the wealth of material stored in the archives on the values of Kibbutz and Social Solidarity.



Givat Haviva Educational Institute: Children Teaching Children (CTC)
Children Teaching Children (CTC) is an in-depth yearlong activity in grades 8 and 9 at Jewish and Arab schools. Themes learned include acceptance of the other, equality of worth, familiarity and friendship, ideals of democracy and equality. CTC is cu ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, encounters/dialogue, shared society, youth
Givat Haviva Educational Institute: Creating Womens Business Communities
Through the Noa/Nuha Centre Givat Haviva offersCreating Women's Business Communities- apersonal empowerment and business workshop for Jewish and Arab women who own small businesses. The workshop runs one morningeach week for one year and caters t ...
Economic Development, Education, Women, business development, empowerment, job placement and training
Givat Haviva: Face to Face
The Face to Face program at Givat Haviva is an encounter program for Jewish and Arab high-school students in Israel. The goals of the encounter are; to create a better understanding of one another, to dispel preconceived stereotypes, to reduce the fe ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, encounters/dialogue, leadership, shared society, youth
Givat Haviva: Institute for Training Community Leaders and Municipal Workers in the Arab Community
Givat Haviva offers annual courses for employees of local authorities, educational staff and women in the Arab sector. Classes cover topics such as financial management, administration, organizational culture, education and pedagogy, and leadership t ...
Economic Development, Education, job placement and training, local councils and municipalities
Givat Haviva: Teacher Training - Sakhnin
Givat Haviva's Northern Branch in Sakhnin offers in-service training sessions (112 hours) for teachers on democracy, equality, pluralism and active citizenship. Over 200 teachers participate each year.
Education, empowerment, job placement and training
Givat Haviva: Through Others Eyes
Through Others' Eyes is a program that facilitates encounters between Jewish and Arab teens from the region through the camera- with annual activities, visits, photography (stills) in the homes of the participants and a final exhibit. The project ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, arts, encounters/dialogue, shared society, youth
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