Tishreen Association

Tishreen Association

Tishreen is a non-profit and non-partisan civic organization founded in 2008 in Taybeh, located in the Israel’s Triangle region.  Founded by a diverse group of social activists, we promote grassroots civic activism by and for the benefit of the region’s approximately 165,000 Arab citizens.

Tishreen aims to strengthen democratic civil society in the Triangle region that is proactive and influential. Accordingly, women, youth, children and young adults are provided with support – including training, on-going guidance, resources and networking – in order to create social change.

 Tishreen goals are:
• To advance a society which is guided by the values of democracy, pluralism and mutual responsibility and which promotes collective dialogue and decision making on the local and national levels.
• To increase the capacity and promote the development of social activists from the community who will serve as change agents.
• To promote the civil and collective rights of Arab Palestinians in Taybeh and the Triangle region and to advance social justice.
• To promote and advance expression of  national and cultural identities and to build a sense of belonging and investment locally.  
• To stimulate dialogue around key issues within the Palestinian society in order to create public debate in order to promote social change and democracy. 

Tishreen Association: Creating a Grassroots Arab Womens Movement
This project greatly contributes to Tishreen’s strategy of initiating public dialogue about issues of concern to local residents and mobilizing citizenry – particularly those who lack a voice within society – to become agents of cha ...
Volunteerism and National Service, Women, empowerment, leadership
Tishreen Association: Youth Democratic Leadership
Building on its previous experience in creating and activating a group of young leaders, and its strong connections with grassroots, Tishreen works on the level of informal education.  In addition to learning the skills necessary for effective c ...
Education, Elections, Employment, Media and Culture, National Identity, Volunteerism and National Service, Women
The Sindian Center in Kalansua - serving the "Southern Triangle" region: Early Intervention Center

Website: http://en.beitissie.org.il/