Emek Medical Center

Emek Medical Center

Emek Medical Center (EMC) has established itself as a leader in Israeli medical care, offering the highest quality of care to diverse patient population. Located in Afula, EMC serves more than 500,000 individuals throughout Northeastern Israel. As the region's largest employer, EMC prides itself on its highly regarded staff, departments, and educational opportunities. EMC is the first hospital in Israel to receive the prestigious JCI accreditation attesting to the highest international standards of healthcare and patient safety.

Since its inception in 1924, EMC has worked to pave the way towards peaceful coexistence through medicine, providing care to hundreds of thousands of people regardless of national origin or their religious beliefs: Jews, Muslims, Christians, as well as immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. The medical staff at EMC exemplifies compassion in all of their endeavors and serves the multi-cultural needs of the region's population with dignity.

The hospital offers a wide variety of specialized services and departments, including eight surgical departments, oncology services, emergency medicine, cardiology services and an impressive spectrum of pediatric services. Within the context of these extensive services, EMC has created a comfortable and positive environment for all of its patients.

EMC employs a highly-regarded medical staff; and to ultimately improve its quality of care, EMC has developed extensive learning and teaching opportunities and works to educate leading medical students in their specialized fields and conducts ongoing clinical research in many of its departments.

Striving to make EMC an even more outstanding institution, plans have been developed for a new Surgical Complex (under construction), a Women's and Children's Center, a Genetic Center and a number of other cutting-edge projects. Each of these new projects aims to meet the vast and increasingly sophisticated medical needs of the northeastern Israeli population.

Emek Medical Center (EMC) is deeply involved in minimizing the risk of genetic morbidity among the Arab population. The incidence of inborn genetic diseases (physical malformations, retardation and physical handicaps including congenital deafness, blindness, neurological and metabolic diseases) is more than double in our specific region than the national and international norms as intermarriage within families is common in the region. Emek Medical Center's service includes screening, testing and counseling Arab families who are at risk for developing adverse genetic conditions either immediately following birth or later in life. In addition, the center operates a busy clinic for diagnosis and treatment of children affected with genetic conditions, either born with malformations, metabolic syndromes or other severe diseases.