Economic Empowerment for Women

Economic Empowerment for Women

Economic Empowerment for Women's mission is to supply low income women in Israel with the knowledge and tools to create their own small businesses as a means for gaining self-sufficiency and alleviating the cycle of poverty in which they live.

EEW promotes economic change for Arab women in Israel through a multi-level approach that includes: assisting small business development; broadening public policy, and the development of need-specific programs for diverse populations. First, EEW's Business of One's Own empowerment and entrepreneurial training course helps Arab women from low socio-economic backgrounds in Israel improve their economic situation by empowering them with a) personal belief in themselves and their capabilities, and b) business knowledge and skills that are needed to begin their own micro-enterprises.

Second, EEW's long-term support strategies help Arab micro-entrepreneurs increase the income from their businesses by improving their business, organizational, financial, marketing, and computer skills that will help them expand their businesses to reach new and more sophisticated consumers.

Third, EEW's Savings for the Future program promotes asset development strategies and savings practices among low-income Arab women to further their long-term financial stability.

Finally, EEW facilitates the leadership development of Arab women with academic training and existing businesses by training them as facilitators for EEW programming and providing business training tailored to their specific needs.

Economic Empowerment for Women