Be-Atzmi: Mifne-Massar

Be-Atzmi: Mifne-Massar

The Mifne-Massar (in Hebrew: Turning Point, in Arabic: Pathway) program has been successfully implemented since 2006 and has addressed the employment-related needs of target audiences ranging from young Jewish women to Arab women over age 45. Boasting a dynamic yet proven program model, Mifne-Massar serves as Be-Atzmi's R&D center from which Be-Atzmi has developed effective, efficient workforce-integration methodologies that have since been adopted and implemented by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services on a national level.

Main Program Elements:
1. Group Workshops that focus on defining each participants’ needs, strengths and abilities, building short-term and long-term employment plans, developing both “soft” skills (motivation and ambition) and “hard” skills (job-hunting and interviewing).
2. Individual Counseling & Guidance that focuses on providing long-term counseling and guidance as each participant implements her plan for successful workforce integration.
3. Creating and Promoting a Local Employment Infrastructure by continuously developing relationships and collaborative projects with potential employers and local social organizations.

Be-Atzmi's Mifne-Massar program currently works to promote workforce integration among Arab women in Akko, Shfar'am, Ramle and Rahat and among Jewish women in Hadera and Jewish families in Jerusalem. In 2015, the 'Mifne-Massar' program is also expected to operate in the Bedouin community of Hura and the Jewish community of Dimona.

Be-Atzmi ("On My Own"), an Israeli NGO, assists chronically unemployed, underprivileged men and women throughout Israel to integrate into stable and appropriate employment opportunities that match their skills and aspirations.  With Be-Atzmi's help, these individuals are able to return to work, stand on their own two feet and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. In Israel, there are over 500,000 unemployed men and women who are completely overlooked and n ...
Be-Atzmi: Mifne-Massar
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