The Duroob Institute for Leadership Development and Social G...

The Duroob Institute for Leadership Development and Social Growth

The Duroob Institute was formed in 2001, to develop leadership and improve the quality of life of the Arab sector in Israel through a commitment to democracy, equality, justice, a respect for human rights, and the right of minorities to a safe and enriched life.

Duroob believes that improving the quality of life for Israel's Arab sector requires a commitment to all aspects of life in Israeli society: education, culture, welfare, health, local government, environmental issues, public policy, local development, and civilian life.

The goals of the Duroob Institute:

  • To develop strong democratic, equal, just and multicultural society in Israel.
  • To improve the social, economical and political situation of the Arab minority in Israel.
  • To encourage decision-makers in the Israeli government to promote policies that provide equal treatment to the Arab sector.
  • To develop and nurture public service senior staff and leaders in the Arab sector so they can become agents of social and political change in their communities.
Duroob works to develop leadership and equal, multicultural and just society by analyzing the current reality and assessing the efficiency of existing social, economical and political structures. This learning process enables the development and implementation of innovative programs and services which improve community life quality and conditions.
The Duroob Institute: Building and Developing a Multi-Cultural Campus in Jaffa
Two elementary schools in the heart of Jaffa, one Jewish and one Arab, participate in the project and share the same grounds and facilities. The goal of the project is to develop both joint and separate curricula, while involving the teachers and par ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, encounters/dialogue, mixed cities
Developing a Model for Public Libraries to Serve as Change Agents in Their Communities
Brings together librarians from northern Jewish and Israeli Arab towns to explore ways of mutually addressing the needs of their communities and to develop a model of the library as a gateway to an improved quality of life. The project is being condu ...
Education, Government, Jewish-Arab Relations, informal education, job placement and training
Development of Community Leaders Among Directors of Social Service Departments in Arab Towns
Seeks to identify issues and problems common to all of the Ministry of Labor and Social Services, Division of Community Services departments and develop ways of addressing them and improving social services. The project is a response to a request fro ...
Government, empowerment, leadership, welfare and social services
The Duroob Institute: Jewish-Arab Leadership for Regional Development in the Galilee
Designed for executive staff in government ministries at the regional level, mayors, town councils, municipal executives and public figures in both Arab and Jewish communities from the Galilee. The group will meet once a week, for full study days, ov ...
Jewish-Arab Relations, Policy and Legislation, job placement and training, leadership, local councils and municipalities, shared society
The Duroob Institute: Leadership Development and Academic Improvement in Four Secondary Schools in Four Arab Communities
Seeks to build leadership teams in Israeli Arab schools and construct and develop a working plan to improve and develop the schools. The project focuses on two spheres: the administration, teaching staff and parents; and weaker students, who are bein ...
Education, empowerment, leadership