Dror Israel Movement

Dror Israel Movement

"Dror Israel", a unique social movement, has been developing consistently over the last two decades. The movement's members, having grown up in the "HaNoar Ha'Oved Ve'Halomed" Youth Movement, devote their adult lives to the principles of equality, cooperation and intense involvement in Israeli society. Their decision is based on their deep commitment and desire to develop and advance Israeli society and to ameliorate its maladies and difficulties.

Motivated by the belief that the Jewish-democratic state of Israel is meant to exemplify the Jewish principal of Tikkun Olam ("repairing the world"), the members of "Dror Israel" have initiated dozens of educational projects that address Arab children, teens, and adults and has tens of thousands of participants. These projects aim to:

1. Improve the educational system in Arabic villages

2. Foster young educational leadership amongst Arabic youth

3. Create a constant and profound platform of Jewish-Arabic cooperation and partnerships.

Today, "Dror Israel" is the largest movement in Israel that includes both Jewish and Arab members in its various frameworks.

Shared Language
The Shared Language program is an unique educational program, which includes teaching Hebrew and English in Arab schools through games, experiences and other informal methods. The program operates today in over 15 Arab villages in the Galilee an ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations
Mila BeMila
Mila BeMila is an unique Hebrew-Arabic teaching program for adults in Akko (Acre) that combines language learning with meeting people from other communities and creating joint cultural content.
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations
Spring Encounter
Spring Encounter is an annual gathering of Arabs and Jews from all over the Galilee to establish good neighborly relations, learn and celebrate together.  It brings together some 400 people for a day of music, food, workshops and more at Kibbutz ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Media and Culture
Co-existence Centers
The co-existence centers are educational-cultural centers intended to create and strengthen cooperation betwene Jews and Arabs in Israeli society based on the "youth leading youth" model.  Over the course of the year, the youth take pa ...
Education, Jewish-Arab Relations, Negev Bedouin, Volunteerism and National Service
Youth Movement Branches
Movement centers run a broad variety of educational activities for over 18,000 Arab and Druze teens.  All programs emphasive involvement in Israeli society and the values of equality, democracy, and coexistence.
Education, Volunteerism and National Service
Dror Israel Movement
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