Itach-Maaki: From Silence to Security:

Itach-Maaki: From Silence to Security:

Itach-Maaki’s initiative aims to integrate issues of Bedouin women and their right to a life free of violence in the public agenda. Itach-Maaki's staff works to influence Bedouin communities in the Negev, local police and welfare authorities, national decision makers and the general public to become aware and to create change.  

Via a hotline and drop-in center, our Bedouin women lawyers and volunteers assist women to understand their rights and to address the violence they face.  Itach-Maaki's staff provides guidance for women wishing to submit complaints to the police, follows up during the process of investigation, monitoring victims’ rights and helping women obtain restraining orders, etc.  They analyse how each case is handled by police, the intervention of welfare authorities and the following involvement of the state attorney.  Via this information, the staff advocates on behalf of individual women and collects information to advocate for change.

On the basis of the ground breaking research carried out by Itach-Maaki on Bedouin women and violence, we advocate   vis-à-vis public bodies for greater oversight on police’s handling of cases of Bedouin women, for establishing safe spaces for Bedouin women, for welfare services that are culturally appropriate, for socio-economic benefits for Bedouin women victims of violence, among other issues.  

With the involvement of Bedouin women activists in the Negev, Itach-Maaki have launched a forum working to advance the rights of Bedouin women within the community and to foster solidarity.  This group includes both Bedouin women who are already active in rights issues/organizations and others who share our values and want to be part of the activist community.  The group will work to influence Bedouin women, and thus Bedouin communities, with a feminist voice and a discourse about rights, including employment, health and healthcare, education, and violence.  Further, the group will provide peer support for its members, as feminist and progressive Bedouin women face opposition within their communities, and seek a forum in which they will be supported and understood.   

Itach-Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice
Itach-Maaki Women Lawyers for Social Justice is an Israeli advocacy organization working to create a society in which the needs of disenfranchised Arab and Jewish women are addressed and the voices of these women are heard in public/policy discourse.  Via legal aid, policy change, leadership training for women and public advocacy, Itach-Maaki is advancing the rights of women from marginalized groups nationwide - Arab women – including Bedouin women, single mothers, low-income working ...