NGT3 Next Generation Technology

NGT3 Next Generation Technology

A Medical Device and Life Science Technologies Incubator

NGT3 Presents an Innovative Impact Investment Model:
It is committed to the benefits that impact investing can provide, playing a crucial role in addressing social and technological challenges alongside a financial return.
NGT strives for the development of technological economic potential of the Arabs in Israel by creating a support system for technological innovations of Arab researchers and scientists and establishing entrepreneurial role models in the Arab Society.

By integrating Arab academics in the entrepreneurial and employment market and by creating an infrastructure of Med-tech companies in the Arab sector, the socio-economic situation of Arabs in Israel will improve.

NGT3 creates positive social and financial value for its partners and for society through a unique international partnership that nurtures Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs in the medical and healthcare arena.

NGT3 triple bottom line:
• Incubating innovative companies in the area of   medical and bio technologies.
• Fostering a social agenda of inclusion and multi-cultural collaboration.
• Delivering a high financial and social return to investors, partners and society.
Strategically based in Nazareth, NGT leverages the vast untapped potential of scientists and researchers coming from the Galilee area

NGT presents its investors with a unique Investment Opportunity:

No-Risk, Non-Dilutive Government Grant

Israeli government published a tender process to operate a technological incubator.  Holding a franchise means NGT3    benefits by attaining a 31M$ non dilutive grant from the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Over the next 10 years, NGT3 will establish and invest in approx. 40 early-stage Medical Device and Life Science companies, planting seeds of innovation to address unmet clinical needs.

Each project  approved by the NGT3 investment committee  and the Ministry of Industry and Trade as an early stage company, receives a budget totaling 0.8-1M$ for a period of 2-3 years. NGT3 receives a grant of  85% of the budget ~ 700-850K$ from the Israeli Government- Chief Scientist office at the Ministry od Economy, to be invested in each project. NGT3 provides the startup with a supplementary investment of 15% of the total approved budget, 120- 150K$ over that period. the Share division of portfolio company upon establishment is ~50% for the  Entrepreneur and ~50% for NGT3


NGT3 Next Generation Technology
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