Upcoming Visitors

Upcoming Visitors

August 8, 2019

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See below for more information on visitors coming to the US this Fall.

Visit schedules are subject to change, CONTACT THE TASK FORCE for more information and to confirm availability. 

Negev Bedouin

  • October 28-Nov. 4, Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy, AJEEC-NISPED | NY, LA, MA, DC. Co-Executive Directors, Kher Albaz and Ariel Dloomy will be in Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco to discuss community development and social change in Israel's Bedouin community and AJEEC's programs to promote meaningful partnerships between Arab and Jewish populations. 
  • November 4-8, Dr. Mohamad Al Nabari and Itzik Zivan – Yanabia | LA, MA, NY, DC. Dr. Mohammed Al Nabari is the former Mayor of Hura, known for being an exceptional local leader in Israel’s most disadvantaged community.  Itzik Zivan, entrepreneur and philanthropist, left his successful textile enterprise to work on advancing the Negev Bedouin community. Together they are establishing a community development platform to support socio-economic development and strong multi-stakeholder cooperation in the Bedouin community. 

Mixed Cities, Jewish-Arab Relations, Shared Society

  • October 27 – Nov 4, Amnon Be’eri-Sulitzeanu, Dr. Thabet Abu Rass, Anat Saragusti, The Abraham Initiatives | DC, NY, MA. The co-directors of the Abraham Initiatives will be in the US along with board member, Anat Saragusti, the leading journalist and activist, to discuss insights into issues in shared society, their latest research on Jewish-Arab political cooperation in mixed cities, as well as September elections results.
  • November 14-19, Noa Yammer, Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel  | MA, LA, TX, IN. Noa leads International Engagement and Communications at Hand in Hand and will be in the US to share their work building inclusion and equality between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel through a growing network of bilingual, integrated schools and communities.

Socio-Economic Development

  • November 2-3, Ifat Baron, Itworks will be in Toronto to discuss occupational and economic development of disenfranchised populations in Israel and promoting employment diversity in Israel’s booming hi-tech sector.


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