TAFI issues response to PM, asks leader to stem deterioratio...

TAFI issues response to PM, asks leader to stem deterioration of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel

July 7, 2014

The Abraham Fund Initiatives complete statement in response to PM Netanyahu's speech: 

These are difficult times for relations between Jews and Arabs citizens of Israel, and there is a palpable danger of further acts of hate and violence between Israel's Jewish and Arab citizens.

In times such as these, it is the responsibility of the Prime Minister of Israel to halt the deterioration of relations.

It is highly regretful that the Prime Minister's statement portrays the citizenship of the Arab minority of Israel as a conditional status. It is also regretful that the Prime Minister did not relate to the wave of violent attacks against Arab citizens throughout the country and the atmosphere of fear which has been created.

The Government holds a responsibility to steer away from repeating past mistakes in relations with the Arab minority of Israel, as outlined in the recommendations of the Orr Commission report which followed the events of October 2000. We expect the Prime Minister to send a clear message to the Israeli public that the Arab citizens of Israel are an indivisible part of Israeli society, and that they have the right to demonstrate within the rule of law.

We wish to reiterate: Jews and Arabs will continue to live, work, and study together in Israel. The Jewish and Arab political leadership must behave with responsibility and long-term vision in order to bring this deterioration of Jewish-Arab relations to a halt.

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