Programs on New Government Impact on Arab Citizens

Programs on New Government Impact on Arab Citizens

April 4, 2023

Following the inauguration of Israel's new government, IATF hosted several opportunities for different American Jewish constituents to discuss the potential impact on Arab citizens with experts in the field. These included a call on judicial reforms and related protests, as well as a series of ‘Brown Bag’ discussions that enabled more open exploration of the major questions and concerns in the field and for American Jewish communities. 

IATF hosted three installments of the ‘Brown Bag’ series in January and February on Zoom. Each ‘Brown Bag’ began with a short presentation, followed by a Q&A and small facilitated discussion groups. The first was held on January 9 for annual meeting participants. IATF Educational Programs Manager Erica Shaps moderated a discussion between IATF Israel Content Experts Ilan Amit and Shahira Shalaby, as they shared their perspectives from the ground on the rapidly changing situations. 

Screenshot of Erica Shaps, Ilan Amit and Shahira Shalaby on Zoom

January 9 Zoom call featuring (L-R, T-B) Ilan Amit, Erica Shaps and Shahira Shalaby. 

On January 26 IATF hosted the second ‘Brown Bag’ with Social Venture Fund. Ilan Amit spoke with Ofer Dagan, the co-Executive Director of Sikkuy-Aufoq about consequential coalition agreements and ongoing efforts to track relevant government actions. Ofer and Ilan's also presented a PowerPoint reviewing new government actions related to Arab society.

Screenshot of Insights and Conclusions PowerPoint Slide

Screenshot from Ilan and Ofer’s PowerPoint. 

IATF’s Brown Bag Discussion series on the new government continued on February 8. Barak Loozon, Executive Director of the Israel Office at the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation spoke with Shahira Shalaby about the current state of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel and how they are being shaped by the new government. 

Screenshot of Barak Loozon on Zoom

Screenshot of Barak Loozon speaking during Brown Bag discussion. 

In addition to the ‘Brown Bag’ series, on February 27 IATF hosted a call to discuss Israel's proposed judicial reforms and protests, and how they might affect Arab citizens of Israel. Roy Peled, Constitutional and Administrative Law professor at the Haim Striks School of Law in the College of Management in Israel moderated a discussion between former District Court Judge, Nava Ben-Or and Nidal Hayek, Director of Lawyers for Good Governance. 

Screenshot of February 27 call featuring Roy Peled, Nava Ben-Or and Nidal Hayek

February 27 Zoom call featuring (L-R, T-B) Roy Peled, Nidal Hayek and Nava Ben-Or. 

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