RECORDING | Collaborative Action on Crime Prevention in Arab...

RECORDING | Collaborative Action on Crime Prevention in Arab Communities | February 7, 2022

February 14, 2022


Today, 65% of all murders in Israel take place in Arab communities, making violent crime the topmost concern for Arab citizens and a major issue on the national stage. In 2021, the government passed GR-549, a NIS 2.5 billion budget to address this crisis. While perspectives about root causes and effective interventions vary widely, one program backed by the budget brings together diverse local and national partners (i.e. enforcement agencies, local authorities, prevention teams, civil society, community members and more) to strengthen collaboration on strategic interventions.

On February 7, the IATF Foundation Forum got an inside look into the collaborative criminological approach behind a joint program of the State Attorney's Office, the Institute of Criminology at the Hebrew University, Israeli Police, the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Internal Security, and JDC–Ashalim.


  • Prof. Badi Hasisi, Director of the Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Adv. Erez Padan, Deputy Director, Jerusalem District Attorney, Ministry of Justice.
  • Dr. Daniella Beinisch, Area Head at JDC-Ashalim.

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