RECORDING: Israel's 4th Wave - The Delta Variant in Arab Soc...

RECORDING: Israel's 4th Wave - The Delta Variant in Arab Society | August 31, 2021

August 31, 2021

After leading the world in vaccination rates and an early return to 'normal life', the Delta variant has unleashed another wave of infections and hospitalizations in Israel. How is the Delta Variant affecting Arab society in Israel? What are the unique challenges to closing vaccination gaps and increasing effective prevention measures? What are the implications for pandemic management overall?

This July, Dr. Salman Zarka, a Druze epidemiologist and Director of the Ziv Medical Center, was appointed Israel's Coronavirus Czar. Aiman Saif, founding head of the government's Authority for Economic Development of the Minorities Sector, returned as head of the Arab desk for the Ministry of Heath. Both have dedicated their careers to bringing the needs of Israel's minorities and periphery into national awareness and policy.

Here is a discussion with Dr. Salman Zarka and Aiman Saif for insights into immediate concerns and longterms implications for Arab society in the continuing crisis.

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