IATF Quarterly Update - July 2014

IATF Quarterly Update - July 2014

July 9, 2014
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Conference Calls on Current Events



Current events and Jewish-Bedouin relations in Israel: Updates from the Negev
July 22, 12pm

Nabari and YadlinThough Bedouin and Jewish populations endure the harsh situation in the south mostly separately, they also work together to address different vulnerabilities. Join Dr. Mohammed Alnabari, Mayor of Hura, and Omri Yadlin, CEO of Sapir College, about the particular needs of Bedouin society and the importance of such joint efforts.




Current events and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel: What is the role of civil society organizations?
July 10

Heyd and Abu RassWhat is the role of organizations focused on strengthening Jewish-Arab relations and advancing civil equality in times of crisis and escalated tension? Hear a discussion with Ronit Heyd from Shatil and Dr. Thabet Abu Rass of The Abraham Fund Initiatives.



Upcoming Events



'PJ Library' in Arabic: Adapting Jewish programs for Arab society in Israel

MaktabatThe Jewish literacy and values programs, PJ Library and Sifriyat Pijama, were recently adapted to Arabic and are reaching 45,000 Arab school-children in Israel. Join Galina Vromen, Executive Director of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in Israel to hear about creating Matkabat Al-Fanoos and adapting programs to Arab society in Israel. Read more.

Event Details: July 23rd at 12:30 PM - New York City



LION OF JUDAH: Israel's women educators creating a more inclusive tomorrow

LOJ logoStrengthening shared society in Israel is a growing part of civil society discourse. Jewish and Arab women have been taking a lead in creating innovative models to educate future generations for a more inclusive, equal and cohesive society. Hear Dr. Asmaa Ganayem and Hagit Damri at this important Lion of Judah session. Read more.

Event Details: Sept. 8th at 10:00 AM - New York City



Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, Israel's Council for Higher Education

TrajtenbergIntegrating Israel's Arab Citizens into higher education and the advanced economy is a major government priority. Professor Manuel Trajtenberg, Chairman, Planning and Budgeting Committee, Israel's Council for Higher Education will speak of the urgency around socio-economic and labor-participation gaps between Arab and Jewish citizens and the unprecedented government efforts to close them.

Event Details: Sept. 8th - Location TBA



Dr. Asmaa Ganayem: Education for shared society in Israel

AsmaaHow can educators help create a more inclusive, equal and cohesive society in Israel? Dr. Asmaa Ganayem, education expert from Baqa Al-Gharbiya, has successfully implemented innovative models integrating shared society concepts into the education system.

Event Details: Sept. 10th - Location TBA


Recent Events



Metrowest NJ: Educating Tomorrow's Leaders Today: Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Negev

Iris Reff Ronen and Rony ZaromOn June 25th, the Federation's Israel Arab Committee met with Iris Reff-Ronen, CEO of Unistream, and Rony Zarom, an Israeli businessman and philanthropist, to discuss why business leadership is a key factor in developing Bedouin society in the Negev.




Toronto Federation's Israeli Arab Issues Committee hosts Sagi Melamed on Jewish-Arab Relations

SagiOn June 23rd Sagi Melamed shared stories from his book “Son of My Land,” with the IAIC. He painted a mixed picture of Jewish-Arab relations in Israel. Ongoing change in relations are impacted by grievances over systemic inequalities and hope resulting from small but meaningful advances in opportunity for Arab citizens.




MetroWest NJ: Mohammad Darawshe on shared society as a priority for Israel as a whole

DarawsheOn June 18th, the Israel Center at MetroWest hosted Givat Haviva's Mohammad Darawshe for their annual gathering to discuss developments and meaning of creating Shared Society in Israel. Mohammad was a guest the Center's newly formed Israel Arab Committee.




UJA-Federation of New York: Amal Elsana Alh’jooj on developing leadership in Arab society

AmalOn June 16th, the Economic Empowerment Committee of UJA-Federation of New York hosted Amal Elshana Alh'jooj of AJEEC-NISPED to learn about the importance and challenges of fostering leadership in Arab society in Israel, with specific focus on Bedouin society, women and young leadership.



Promoting Diversity in Israel's Labor Market: Bringing the Corporate Sector to the Table

Yifat OvadiaOn June 12th, Wexner fellows from the class of 2013 presented a new "collective impact" initiative to propel the Israeli business sector into increasing labor participation of Arab citizens in Israel. Yifat Ovadia and Dr. Sameer Kassem, presented to Task Force, Jewish Funders Network and UJA-Federation audiences in New York.




Conference call: Bedouin settlement and economic development in the Negev - Status of legislation, planning and current activities

ListenThough the Prawer-Begin Bill was put on hold in December 2013, the government has continued related planning and development projects. On May 12th, Lirit Serphos, Head of Strategic Planning at the Implementation Headquarters for the Development and Growth of the Bedouin Community spoke about the legislation status and government activities in the region.




Prof. Edriss Titi on Enhancing Access to Higher Education for Arab Students

TitiThe Irteka Scholarship Fund for Arab Undergraduate Students is the first-ever government scholarship fund designated for Arab students. With Arab students seriously underrepresented in higher education, removing barriers on this scale has historic significance. On May 5th, Professor Edriss Titi, Chairman of the Fund, presented to Task Force and UJA-Federation of New York audiences.




Shared Society Between Jewish and Arab Citizens of Israel: Visions, Realities and Practices

ListenShared society concepts are increasingly found in the missions of many organizations and are gaining attention within some government bodies as well. On April 9th Avivit Hai, Task Force Program Director in Israel, discussed current discourse, programs, and related government initiatives in Israel.




Advancing Arab women's employment, entrepreneurship, and municipal leadership in Israel

HimmatOn March 20th, Himmat Younis, responsible for the Prime Minister's Office programs for Arab women's employment, leadership, entrepreneurship, and municipal leadership, presented government efforts and partnerships to increase the Arab women's leadership in Israeli society.



Missions to Israel

CONTACT US for support in planning missions to Israel.


JFNA's Campaign Chairs and Directors (CCAD) mission visits Nazareth

On July 16th, the Task Force organized a visit for 75 JFNA representatives to Nazareth to learn development of Arab society and Jewish Arab relations. The visit included Nazareth's new Industrial Park and presentations by the Task Force, the Authority for Economic Development, Kav Mashve, JFNA's Social Venture Fund and JDC's Masira and Excel HT programs.


JDC international board visits Arab city of Tira as part of centennial celebrations

On May 19th, 35 members of JDC's international board visited the city of Tira to learn about Israel's Arab citizens and JDC's related programs. The Task Force helped plan the mission, presented on Arab society in Israel, and accompanied the group for meetings with Mayor Abed al-Hai Memon, Aiman Saif, head of the Authority for Economic Development, Sigal Shelach, CEO of JDC-Israel-TEVET, and JDC projects.


Miami Federation Women's Amutot Commitee – Nazareth and Rahat

On April 1st and 2nd, members of Miami Federation's Women Amutot visited grantees and learned about Arab citizen employment, entrepreneurship, and women's issues as well as civil equality and Jewish-Arab relations. The group met with Aiman Saif of the Authority for Economic Development, Tsofen Hi Tech Centers, NGT Biotech Incubator, Shatil, AJEEC-NISPED, and Itach Maaki. The group was accompanied and briefed by Task Force representatives.


JFNA & JCPA's Israel Action Network (IAN) - Emerging Progressive Leaders Study Tour

On March 24th and 25th, a group of 15 professionals from the Youngstown area met with civil society and business leaders to learn about Israel's Arab citizens, Jewish-Arab relations and social and economic developments. The group met with representatives of Hand in Hand, Al-Tufula, the Authority for Economic Development, NGT Biotech Incubator, and the CEO of Alpha Omega.


Youngstown Area Federation - Thomases Family Endowment Tour

On March 17th and 18th, the Task Force organized activities and encounters for the Youngstown mission. Participants began with an overview from Yaniv Sagi and Mohammad Darawshe from Givat Havivia, and then learned about economic and social issues on their visit to Nazareth, visiting Galil Software to learn about high tech in the Arab sector, and meeting with Kav Mashve on employment, Al-Tufula on women and early childhood, JDC's Masira on disabilities, and ending with a Task Force debrief.


Federation of Greater Metrowest, NJ - visit to Hura

On March 5th the Task Force organized a visit for NJ district legislators to the Bedouin city of Hura in the Negev as part of a tour organized through the Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ.


Upcoming Visits

CONTACT US to arrange a meeting or event with a visiting colleague.



Reem Younis, co-founder of Nazareth-based neurotechnology company, Alpha Omega, a role model for Arab business leaders in Israel, specifically women and high-tech businesses. She is currently involved in advancing Arab employment and entrepreneurship in Israel and is involved in a number of related civil society efforts.

Visit details: 8/1/14 - 8/31/14, Atlanta

Co-executive directors Amnon Be’eri-Sulitzeanu and
Dr. Thabet Abu Rass will be in the US to discuss The Abraham Fund Initiatives responses to current events and ongoing efforts to strengthen Jewish-Arab relations.

Visit details: 10/18/14 - 10/28/14, numerous locations

Ein Bustan

Givat Haviva

Amir Shlomian and Itaf Awad from the first Jewish-Arab Waldorf school in Israel, Ein Bustan, will be in the states to discuss strengthening Jewish-Arab relations in Israel through bilingual, early-childhood education.

Visit details: 10/31/14 - 11/04/14 - Boston, NY, the West coast, Los Angeles

Mohammad Darawshe, Director of Planning, Equality and Shared Living at Givat Haviva will be in the US to speak about efforts to advance shared society in Israel and Givat Haviva's efforts to strengthen Jewish-Arab relations in light of recent escalations.

Visit details: 10/20/14 - 11/1/14 - Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles

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Noam Lautman and Or Benjamin of Ma'ase will be in the US to discuss voluntarism as a tool for empowerment and social mobility in Israeli society and the significance for Arab citizens..

Visit details: 11/1/14 - 11/7/14 - NY, Boston and Seattle

Co-Executive Directors of Sikkuy, Jabir Aqsala and Ron Gerlitz will be in the US to discuss civil equality, Jewish-Arab relations in Israel and Sikkuy's response to recent events.

Visit details: 11/2/14 - 11/9/14 - New York, Boston, DC

Kav Mashve


Yael Kahn Sharon and Kher Abed El Razik from Kav Mashve will be in the US to discuss the latest developments in efforts to integrating Arab citizens into Israel's advanced job market.

Visit Details: 11/18/14 - 12/1/14 - East and West Coasts


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