Conference Call: Jewish-Arab relations in Israel in the wake of Operation Protective Edge:  

Listen to the call with Mohammad Darawshe and Shuli Dichter.



NCJW provided Bedouin shelters during Gaza War:  

Most Bedouin Arabs in Israel’s Negev Desert do not have access to bomb shelters and had no recourse from rocket-fire during Operation Protective Edge.

Education and Shared Society at the Lion of Judah Conference:  

On Monday Sept 8th, over 150 participants attended “The Beauty and Possibilities of a Shared Society in Israel."

Join us at the Task Force All-Members Meeting:  

Join us on Dec. 9th in NYC for our All-Members meeting with Ari Shavit and others on Jewish-Arab relations in Israel.

Quarterly Update From Israel - September Issue:  

Goverment, civil society updates and issues in the press covering Jewish-Arab relations and summer events.

"Israel, Summer 2014: Jews and Arabs" - Public Forum in Jaffa:  

Jewish and Arab leaders gathered for public dialogue on deteriorated Jewish Arab relations and Israeli society.


President Rivlins anti-incitement, anti-violence program:  

 “We must not close our eyes to the extremism and violence that have raised their ugly heads among us.”  


Municipal and civil society responses to Jewish-Arab tensions - August 1-8:  


Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality launches campaign. Haifa holds emergency shared-society conference . . .