Pittsburgh Community Education Day on Jews and Arabs in Israel | Nov 2nd:  

Join Pittsburgh Federation for Citizens of Israel: Jews and Arabs - Challenges and Opportunities with leaders from government and to the grassroots.

Toronto | Jews and Arabs in Israel: Investing in a Shared Future | Nov 3rd:  

Join the Toronto Federation to hear from government and civil society leaders on economic integration of Arab citizens.
Sikkuy on current Jewish-Arab relations and the summer of 2014 | Nov 6th:  

Co-executive director of Sikkuy discuss the lasting impact of the summer's escalations and efforts to improve Jewish-Arab relations.


IATF Resources and Publications:  

IATF Briefing Papers, Updates and Fact Sheets.


Jewish and Muslim leaders join forces on violence-prevention ahead of holidays:  

This year, Yom Kippur coincides with festive Id Al-Adha. For Jewish and Muslim neighbors, this can be a cause for friction. Local and national leadership are calling for tolerance. 


New campaign to stop discrimination against Arab workers:  

Following a series of dismissals of Arab employees for political beliefs, these civil society organizations took action.


Quarterly Update From Israel - September Issue:  

Goverment, civil society updates and issues in the press covering Jewish-Arab relations and summer events.

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