On Your Mission: Jewish-Arab Encounters through Art in the North

Experience music, visual art and theater that create connections between Arab and Jewish citizens on your next mission to Israel.




Umm El-Fahm Gallery
Visit the gallery for exhibits ranging from history of the Wadi Ara region to contemporary art by international and Arab and Jewish Israeli artists. Meet founder Said Abu Shakra and learn about plans to turn the gallery into the first official Arab museum in Israel. Be inspired by a vision to advance Arab arts and arts education in Israel.


Polyphony Quartet


Polyphony Foundation
Polyphony bridges the divide between Arab and Jewish communities in Israel through classical music. Visit the conservatory in Nazareth to learn about programs that foster mutual understanding of each other's culture and joint music-making. Meet talented students and attend a concert or recital




Beit HaGefen Arab-Jewish Cultural Center
The Beit HaGefen Art Gallery is dedicated to local and international art that addresses multiculturalism. Established in Haifa to foster coexistence, the center includes an Arabic theater, library and more. Visit the center and take a walking tour of art in the adjacent neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas.




Mifne Multicultural Music Program
Mifne is the vision of Zubin Mehta and Uri Ben David for musical excellence in Israel's Arab society and multicultural leadership in the music community. Visit them at the Jezreel Valley Music Center to learn about the partnerships that enable gifted Arab and Jewish students to pursue music at the Buchman Mehta Music School and at Tel Aviv University.




Arcobaleno Theater and Dance Group
This performing arts group is composed of Jewish, Arab and Druze youth from the Galilee. Masks Off, their showcase production, allows young people to meet each other through the language of art and is performed throughout Israel and Europe. Meet with founder Edna Calo-Livne and the young performers, book a performance, or participate in a theater-arts workshop

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