On Your Mission: Mixed Cities in Israel's Center

Visit Jaffa and Lod to learn about Jewish and Arab citizens living side-by-side in two of Israel's central mixed cities. Meet local leaders and learn about efforts to build community and meet these cities' unique needs. 




Jaffa's Arab-Jewish Community Center
The Arab-Jewish Community Center serves more than 3,000 Jewish, Christian and Muslim members of the Jaffa community. Visit the center, located steps from the seashore, to hear how cultural differences and gaps between Arab and Jewish youth are narrowed through music, art and deliberate dialogue and listen to the Center's famous Jewish-Arab choir.




Educating for Excellence in Jaffa Schools
More than 250 of Jaffa's Jewish and Arab 3rd to 12th graders receive after-school enrichment in science, art and social studies through Educating for Excellence. Operating in four of Jaffa's Arab schools, the program supports high-achieving students in Israel's social and geographic peripheries. Meet Jewish and Arab staff to learn about their model and vision.


LOD musicians


Lod Community Foundation
Tour Lod with the Community Foundation to learn about the complex realities of its Arab and Jewish areas, including unrecognized neighborhoods. Hear about the Foundation's programs and meet Jewish and Arab youth in its Music Excellence and Leadership Program implemented with the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music.




Citizens Build a Community
Meet vibrant Arab student volunteers and learn about the work of Citizens Build a Community, a local organization that guides Lod's Arab young adults towards higher education, meaningful employment, and leadership for positive social change. Sit with Amin Jamal, Founder and Program Director, to hear his vision for the city's youth and future.


Lod Street


Shatil's 'Building Foundations'
Comprised of Arab volunteers, 'Building Foundations' looks to Israel's Kibbutz model to develop cooperative proposals for housing solutions in Lod. Meet with Shatil staff and local activists to learn about their efforts and why this group believes their recommendations will strengthen the city's social fabric.

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