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Haaretz August 13, 2018 Nir Hasson

Education administration gets more than 30 requests from parents claiming that Arab bus drivers put their children at risk. Official says: 'This is not the way of Jerusalem'

The Jerusalem Post August 13, 2018 Tamara Zieve

Tech2Peace program builds bridges through shared learning.

Haaretz August 13, 2018 Noa Landau

Committee discusses challenges posed to a government plan to strengthen the Druze community. Panel was set up in wake of major protest over nation-state law.

Arutz Sheva August 13, 2018 JTA

Cabinet approves towns in the Galilee and the Negev to serve Bedouin and disabled populations.

The Times of Israel August 12, 2018 Tamar Pileggi

Meretz MK Michal Rozin slams fellow leaders on the left for 'undermining equality' by boycotting the Tel Aviv protest because of unease with Palestinian nationalism.

Haaretz August 12, 2018 Bar Peleg Jonathan Lis, and Noa Landau

Few Jewish lawmakers attend Arab-led demonstration, while culture minister says march proves 'cooperation between left and Israeli Arabs who want another country'.

Ynet News August 12, 2018 Roi Rubinstein

Former MK Shachiv Shnaan, whose son was killed last year in a Jerusalem terror attack while on duty as a policeman, and Zionist Union MK Saleh Saed say waving flag at anti-Nationality Law protest was 'unnecessary defiance' and not in keeping with the demonstration main message of seeking equality in 'the strongest democracy in the world.'

The Jerusalem Post August 11, 2018 JPost Staff

“"We will continue to wave the Israeli flag and sing Hatikvah with great pride."”

Haaretz August 10, 2018 Jack Khoury

After years of scarce political engagement, the Arab Israeli community is showing signs of waking up and is applying pressure on its political leadership and parties over the passage of the new nation-state law.

Arutz Sheva August 9, 2018 Tzvi Levi

Otzma Yehudit activsts called on police to end incitement at rally near mosque of two cop-killing terrorists. 

The Jerusalem Post August 8, 2018 Terrance J. Mintner and The Media Line

Riding a wave of criticism and protests, Arab, Druze and left-wing parliamentarians petition the court to review the controversial law.

The Jerusalem Post August 8, 2018 Lahav Harkov

Livni accused Netanyahu of “dissolving the glue of Israeli society with his poisonous acid.”

Israel Hayom August 8, 2018 Gideon Allon

Former Likud MK Uriel Lynn, who once secured left-wing support for Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty despite the fact that it does not explicitly mention equality, says nation-state law, deemed racist by many, will have no impact on existing laws.

Haaretz August 8, 2018 Jonathan Lis

Speaker Yuli Edelstein only accepted the resignation after the letter was translated to Hebrew.

Al-Monitor August 8, 2018 Shlomi Eldar

Following a three-week delay, the Arab-Israeli leadership this week joined the protest against the Nationality Law, appealing to the Supreme Court to overturn it and organizing a large demonstration.

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