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Haaretz April 19, 2018 Josh Breiner

According to the police, the man set off the flames to 'sow discord' between the large Arab and Jewish communities of the southern city of Lod 

The Guardian April 19, 2018 Ian Black

For decades, Haifa has been Israel’s model of what a ‘mixed’ Jewish–Arab city could be. But as the country’s 70th anniversary nears, the strain is showing

The Times of Israel April 18, 2018 TOI Staff and AFP

An Israeli man who was beaten in an anti-Semitic attack while wearing a traditional Jewish skullcap in Berlin told German television on Wednesday night that he was not Jewish but wanted to find out whether it was safe to walk in the street dressed as a Jew.

The Jewish News of Northern California April 18, 2018 Sue Fishkoff

The outspoken Palestinian–Israeli member of Knesset was in Berkeley and San Francisco this week meeting with supporters, being feted by the Berkeley City Council, and delivering a series of public lectures on the evils of the State of Israel. Not its policies toward the Palestinians, not the occupation, but its very existence as a Jewish state.

Arutz Sheva April 18, 2018 David Rosenberg

Violent crime wave in Umm el-Fahm continues, with double murder suspected, two weeks after imam shot to death in front of his mosque.

The Times of Israel April 18, 2018 Jacob Magid

Israel Prize-winning author David Grossman, whose son was killed in the Second Lebanon War, blasts Liberman's attempt to 'silence bereaved families'

The Jerusalem Post April 18, 2018 Ben Lynfield

Yusuf Jabreen: US Syria strike is part of an “American attempt to dictate its plans in the region, including Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem.”

The Times of Israel April 18, 2018 Jessica Steinberg

Moshik Roth, known for his combination of classical and molecular cooking, opens low–priced eatery in Baqa al–Gharbiya

Arutz Sheva April 17, 2018 David Rosenberg

Some residents of Israeli-Arab towns protest Independence Day, tear down signs. 'For us it is a day of catastrophe, not independence.'

The Jerusalem Post April 17, 2018 Jonathan Weber Rosen

Vandalism near the West Bank city of Nablus is the latest in 'price tag' attacks.

Ynet News April 17, 2018 Adir Yanko

Most Arab schools ignore Independence Day, with school administrators citing lack of connection Arab citizens feel towards the event; some Arab schools do however broach the topic, especially among Bedouins.

The Jerusalem Post April 17, 2018 Jerusalem Post Staff

Not everyone shares the same vision for the Jewish state. April 16, 2018 Lindsey Sabado

Eliassi spoke on Friday morning at Syracuse University in a lecture hall populated by a handful of professors, community members and students. But this time - she wasn't speaking alone. Samah Salaime stood beside her. Salaime is an Israeli Arab and Eliassi is an Israeli Jew.

The Jerusalem Post April 16, 2018 Yonah Jeremy Bob

He wrote in one post, “It is inconceivable that there is something called an Arab political party [in the Knesset]. Shortly, there will also be a Hamas party in the Knesset...

Al-Monitor April 16, 2018 Shlomi Eldar

The Hadash faction within the Israeli-Arab Joint Lists demonstrate against the American attack on Syrian chemical depots.

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