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+972 Magazine September 20, 2017 Edo Konrad

The shooting death of a young Palestinian man exposes simmering fault lines in Jaffa, where rapid gentrification has left much of the population blind to the world of police violence and intimidation in which their neighbors live.

i24 News September 19, 2017 Lotte Beilin

Trying to live in peace and harmony in a cohesive society where inequality and discrimination do not exist. 

New Jersey Jewish News September 19, 2017 Robert Wiener

Achi Israeli was established to promote peace and understanding among Israel’s Jewish and minority populations.

Haaretz September 19, 2017 Dalia Karpel

Historian Adel Manna tells the story of the 120,000 Palestinians who remained in Israel in 1948 while 750,000 were driven out.

The Jerusalem Post September 18, 2017 Lahav Harkov

The Joint List debated whether or not to respect the rotation agreement.

Haaretz September 17, 2017 Jonathan Lis

Legal opinion comes as committee convenes Monday to discuss controversial nation-state bill.

Haaretz September 17, 2017 Jonathan Lis

The proposal of the so-called 'Nation-State Law' has been submitted as a regular law rather than as a basic law, which has constitutional status.

The Times of Israel September 17, 2017 Sue Surkes

Pressure from equal rights group ensures that bus lines link Galilee Arab communities to stations for trains to the coastal hub.

Haaretz September 17, 2017 Jack Khoury

Dozens of protesters call to remove Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilis III and annul land sales, including several high-profile sales in central Jerusalem.

i24 News September 16, 2017 Omar Rabie

Protests come after the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Mahdi al-Sa'di who was killed by police in Jaffa.

Haaretz September 16, 2017 Jack Khoury

Marchers were joined by Joint Arab List lawmakers after 35-year-old Hiba Manaa was murdered in the village in broad daylight at the beginning of the week.

Haaretz September 15, 2017 Almog Ben Zikri

Taer Jouda was held by the security service for a month, denied a lawyer for the first two weeks and rejected efforts to become an informer: 'He just wants to be a doctor.'

The Times of Israel September 14, 2017 Dov Lieber

As she rode the bus to university, a fellow passenger mistook Arab Israeli Mervat Igbaria's phone for a bombing device; now, strangers hope a belated apology can help soothe scars.

The Times of Israel September 13, 2017 Sue Surkes

Marking first anniversary of predecessor's passing, Rivlin says more Arabs, Orthodox Jews must be brought into technology sector.

Haaretz September 13, 2017 Ruti Levy and Lior Dattel

Arab Israelis and women majorly underrepresented in the Start-Up Nation.

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