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Haaretz March 21, 2019 Shira Kadari-Ovadia

Arab teachers in Jewish schools up from 465 in 2013 to 805 today, but this is still a minuscule number.

The Times of Israel March 21, 2019 TOI Staff

Despite Gantz’s comments ruling out alliance, survey suggests most Arab Israelis optimistic about prospect; community’s participation in elections has risen significantly from 2013.

Tablet March 20, 2019 Elhanan Miller

In unprecedented decision, judges rule Michael Ben-Ari unfit to serve.

The Jerusalem Post March 20, 2019 Tzvi Joffre

The complaints mainly addressed racist statements and publications, discrimination in receiving service, discrimination in employment, racism by the police and racism in education.

The Times of Israel March 20, 2019 TOI Staff

Balad Party leader Jamal Zahalka seethes after MK Oren Hazan emerges from a bubble bath to shoot him dead in an election video.

Haaretz March 20, 2019 Shira Kadari-Ovadia

Disparities in student-teacher ratio and teaching hours among different sectors of society are inherently linked to gaps in funding.

MEMO Middle East Monitor March 20, 2019 Staff

Head of the Blue and White (Kahol Lavan) alliance Benny Gantz has labelled Israel’s predominantly Arab political parties “irrelevant” ahead of the upcoming election, ruling out cooperation.

Israel Today March 19, 2019 Tsvi Sadan

The decision by Israel's Supreme Court to disqualify Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, leader of the far-right party Otzmah Yehudit party, from participating in the upcoming election has infuriated the right-wing camp like never before.

The New York Times March 19, 2019 David M. Halbfinger

In Umm al-Fahm, an Arab town in northern Israel, residents complain that the government does little for them.

Haaretz March 19, 2019 Jack Khoury

Oren Hazan, notorious for his inflammatory rhetoric, is seen shooting and killing Balad chairman Jamal Zahalka in a campaign video intended as satirical.

Haaretz March 18, 2019 Naama Riba

Nasreen Abu Bakr was due to travel from Berlin to participate in an exhibition in Haifa, but suffered 'degrading' treatment and did not board her El Al flight.

The Jerusalem Post March 18, 2019 Staff

“Fortunately, I work in a hospital where I am able to make new friends, dear to my heart, from the Arab public.”

Haaretz March 17, 2019 Yotam Berger

Court reversed the Knesset election committee's decision, which had approved Michael Ben Ari and disqualified Balad-United Arab List and Hadash's Ofer Cassif. For first time in Israeli history candidate, not list, is banned.

The Jerusalem Post March 17, 2019 Maayan Jaffee-Hoffman

High Court votes in favor of Kassif, who will run in the communist Hadash party's third, “Jewish” slot.

The Jerusalem Post March 15, 2019 Yonah Jeremy Bob

High Court hears petitions over election eligibility of Arab, Jewish extremist parties.

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