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Haaretz October 16, 2018 Jonathan Lis

Neven Abu Rahmoun sworn in, vows to step up protests against nation-state law. 'This is a breakthrough for Arab women in Israel,' MK Aida Touma-Sliman says.

The Times of Israel October 15, 2018 Tamar Pileggi

Minority group says controversial legislation enshrines inequality in Israel; MK says law a ‘disgrace’ and ‘betrayal’ of the community.

The Times of Israel October 14, 2018 Raoul Woorlif

Citing the loss of Jews during the Holocaust, self-styled leader of Israel’s secular mainstream says he would ‘rather the Jewish people grow and not decrease’.

Haaretz October 13, 2018 Noa Shpigel

A security officer detained two men last week for alleged involvement in home break-ins.

The Times of Israel October 9, 2018 TOI Staff

Baqa al-Gharbiya abandons plans after interior minister warns it against using public buildings to ‘give voice’ to Walid Daka.

Arutz Sheva October 8, 2018 Arutz Sheva Staff

Cabinet passes series of resolutions to reduce impact of polygamy.

Haaretz October 8, 2018 Aaron Rabinowitz

According to indictment, the suspects, age 16 and 21, searched for Arabs to attack and used stones and electric shocker.

The Media Line October 8, 2018 Maya Margit

Leading experts in Umm al-Fahm say lack of proper infrastructure is mainly to blame for city’s faltering economy.

Haaretz October 8, 2018 Josh Breiner and Noa Shpigel

Jafar Farah was arrested following a protest in Haifa in May against Israel's policies in Gaza. He says that while in custody, the cop knocked him to the ground and handcuffed him with force.

Ynet News October 6, 2018 Hassan Shaalan

Yoram Elhaj wakes up at dawn to see his car up in flames; says police send him to do lie detector test, do nothing to find perpetrators; police say incident has yet to be examined.

Haaretz October 4, 2018 Bar Peleg

In its ads for this month’s municipal election, the party targets African migrants, Muslim residents and Breaking the Silence.

Haaretz October 3, 2018 Aaron Rabinowitz

In recordings presented by police in court, one suspect can be heard calling on others to join assault. 'They're dangerous to everyone,' police representative says.

The Christian Science Monitor October 3, 2018 Dina Kraft

If one accepts a principle of democracy that voting gives power to the people, then not voting means the opposite. In East Jerusalem, some Palestinians question the price paid for boycotting elections.

Israel 21c October 2, 2018 Brian Blum

‘Change will only come through working together. We are less powerful if we are separate,’ says founder of social program in Israel’s South.

Haaretz October 2, 2018 Nir Hasson

Orthodox Jews are the suspects in assaults that Palestinians say take place every year around the Jewish holidays. 'They hit me until I lost consciousness,' one of the victims says. 

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