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Haaretz December 10, 2018 Meirav Arlosoroff

A social revolution is afoot in Israel: Education and job rates of Arab women have soared as birthrates have fallen.

Haaretz December 9, 2018 Jack Khoury

Mayor says he thought cancellation request was 'a technical matter'.

Haaretz December 8, 2018 Jack Khoury

Ahmed Salame was driving his car on Friday when perpetrators opened fire on him from close range, resulting in his death. Salame published a video before his death where he was heard saying: 'You can call me a collaborator'.

Haaretz December 8, 2018 Ido Efrati

A study shows that 30 percent of Jews and 21 percent of Arabs support segregation in hospital wards, a sentiment more frequent among religious people and the less educated.

The Times of Israel December 7, 2018 TOI Staff

City’s Hadash party chairman Raja Za’atara has claimed Hamas not a terrorist group, hinted that Islamic State influenced by actions of Zionists.

Haaretz December 7, 2018 Allison Kaplan Sommer

The Zochrot 48mm Film Festival is showing Michel Khleifi's 'Ma’aloul Celebrates Its Destruction' exactly where the houses stood before the 1948 war.

Haaretz December 4, 2018 Jack Khoury

Some see the murder of 16-year-old Yara Ayoub as a possible turning point in the community’s attitude toward violence against women.

Haaretz December 3, 2018 Eetta Prince-Gibson

The gruesome murder of two young girls has galvanized a protest movement demanding urgent action to stem the sharp increase in women being murdered by family members or men they knew.

Haaretz December 3, 2018 Judy Maltz

Nearly half of the respondents to the Israel Democracy Institute's poll said they thought the Israeli government is 'very' corrupt.

Ynet News December 2, 2018 Ahiya Raved

Police arrest 40 doctors, medical interns and pharmacists from the Arab sector on suspicion of presenting false diplomas from medical schools in Armenia in order to receive an Israeli medical license, even though they did not finish their studies.

Haaretz December 2, 2018 Bar Peleg

Incident, in which a truck was spray-painted with the slogan 'Jews won't keep quiet,' follows two similar incidents late last month in West Bank Palestinian villages.

Haaretz December 1, 2018 Jack Khoury and Lee Yaron

Nine out of 12 local authorities that have announced their support for the strike are Arab. Demonstrations underway after two female teens found killed in one week.

The New York Times November 30, 2018 David M. Halbfinger

For as long as she has anchored her own television news program — about five years, in different iterations — Lucy Aharish has always opened by greeting her viewers in both Hebrew and Arabic.

Arutz Sheva November 29, 2018 Staff

Tense relations between police and Lod's Arab community continue following the demolitions of illegal homes.

Haaretz November 29, 2018 Lee Yaron

Protest follows murder of two girls aged 12 and 16. Women's groups organizing strike demand that government finally disburse funds allocated last year to prevent violence against women.

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