Basic Law: Israel As the Nation-State of the Jewish People

Basic Law: Israel As the Nation-State of the Jewish People

June 19, 2018

On July 19, the Knesset passed Israel’s 13th Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People (see English translation here) with a 62:55 majority and two abstentions. The bill has been at the heart of heated and longstanding debate among political leadership, Israeli activists, civil society and the public at large over whether Israel requires a Basic Law that affirms its character as a Jewish state, and the consequences for Israel’s democratic character and for its Arab citizens, the largest non-Jewish minority. Its passage has been met with polarized response in Israel and abroad, with widespread opposition from within Israel's Arab society.

The Task Force hosted a conference call and published two updates on the controversy and response to the Law:

Discourse and Implications for Arab Citizens of Israel: Read the Update

This Task Force update provides an overview of the legislation and related discourse regarding its implications for Israel's Arab society. 

Arab, Druze, Government and Civil Society Responses: Read the Update

Critical responses to the Law have differed among community groups and interests. Debate has also been ongoing in the American Jewish community, with critics and supporters weighing in.

Arab Citizens, State-Minority and Jewish-Arab Relations: Listen to the Conference Call with Dr. Amir Fuchs and Mohammad Darawshe

This call with two prominent Israelis focused on the current and potential implications of the Law for Israeli democracy, and for Israel's Arab society in terms of status, sense of belonging and related discourse.

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