Conf Call - IDI Survey Results: Majority-Minority Relations ...

Conf Call - IDI Survey Results: Majority-Minority Relations in Israel | Dec 14

December 6, 2017

With Professor Tamar Hermann
Academic Director of the Guttmann Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at the Israel Democracy Institute 

For Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel, interactions with the other take place on the interpersonal level as well as part of majority-minority and state-minority relations. In 2017, the Israel Democracy Institute survey of Jewish-Arab relations showed that while substantial disagreements exist between Jews and Arabs on the state level, on the societal and personal levels relations are less tense. What do these differences tell us about Jewish-Arab relations in Israel? What challenges do they point to in terms of strengthening Jewish-Arab relations? What existing strengths do they reveal? 

 Professor Tamar Hermann, Academic Director of the Guttmann Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research at Israel's Democracy Institute (IDI) and chief author of the 2017 survey, joined Task Force members on a conference call for in-depth discussion of the survey and its results.



Event Details: 
Thursday, December 14th - 12:00 PM ET

About the Speaker

Professor Tamar Hermannn
A faculty member of the Political Science Department at the Open University of Israel, Professor Tamar Hermann has co-edited the monthly Peace Index (with Professor Ephraim Ya'ar) since 1994, and has edited the annual Israeli Democracy Index since 2010. She taught at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University, and was a guest lecturer at Princeton University, Queen's University in Belfast, and the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Her areas of expertise include public opinion and policymaking, social movements and political protest, civil society and its organizations, civic partnership in politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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